Trusts and corporate services

England is the birth-place of a trust. Persons wishing to secure ownership of their assets and attain confidentiality have traditionally reverted to trusts in common law jurisdictions. Currently managing property through trusts is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Jean-Pierre Jacquemoud Managing partner
  • Creation and management of trusts;
  • Structuring and management of individuals’ assets, including tax and inheritance planning;
  • Defence against hostile take-overs of assets, such as real estate, aircrafts, ships, bonds, banking accounts and art pieces;
  • Establishment of family offices and on-going support;
  • Creation of companies and funds in jurisdictions worldwide and provision of services of nominal shareholders and directors;
  • Creation of trusts in jurisdictions worldwide and provision of beneficial ownership management services;
  • Opening and management of foreign bank accounts;
  • Clients’ representation in the course of execution of international projects;
  • Creation and management of virtual offices in jurisdictions worldwide.